Our product is made from scratch in Latvia and all details are hand-made by our team. At this price, you get the standard size (40m2) metal frame which is galvanized wooden floor or plastic floor, an upper pine wood frame, connectors, all bolts, fabric, and a 5-year warranty.

We also give a user manual and you can assemble a tent by two people in 4-6 hours without previous experience and there is no need to disassemble in winter, the tent can stay all year around. Actually, we can build in wood-fired stove and it’s quite cozy in winter also. But of course, clients who use our tents for accommodation only for 3-6 months chose to disassemble and store the tent, it will prolong lifetime. To store one tent you need just 3m2 of space it also can be stored outside, just cover with plastic film.

Under the metal frame are 15 adjustable legs and that means you don’t need any foundation and it will make it easier to get building permission. The biggest level difference can be 1 meter.

WATERPROOF COTTON CANVAS TENT- The tent is made of cotton canvas with waterproof treatment and has taped the stitched seam. It is more durable to resist winds, rain, and snow.

SAFE & BREATHABLE - The tent features a high-quality mesh screen door and windows with velcro to let you open the tent for a breeze or a view without worrying about bugs or critters.


Frame size: 8x4m

Tent size: 8x4m

Room area: 21,2m

Sleeping spaces: from 1 to 8 persons

Additionally, you can change and add many things like:

• Size from 12 m2 to 100 m2

• Fence type (only with terrace )

• Colors of

- Fabrics (Five colors)

- Connectors

- Floor

- Upper frame

• Kitchen

• Toilet/shower module

• Full set of furniture

• Electrical installation

• Grill

• Safe metal fireplace

• Terrace